Covid-19 Information

Like everyone in the restaurant ‘biz’ we have had to make a few changes. Please take a couple of moments to read through the following just to familiarise yourself with the ‘new normal’ at Paysanne when you arrive.

Firstly, for the time being, our maximum table size is 6, but hopefully that will change soon. We have a priority system at the front door: anyone leaving has right of way over those about to enter, to prevent any congestion at the door. We are staggering our bookings to avoid such crowding in any case, but them’s the rules!

Also, we have an automatic gel dispenser by the door as you enter, so please make use of that upon arrival. At this point, we’ll have to take a quick temperature check with an infra-red forehead thermometer. I’m afraid that if your temperature is over 37˚C, we cannot let you in!

We will have taken at least one phone number when you booked but we also have a QR code for track and trace purposes, and we would appreciate it if you could give it a quick scan if your mobile phone is smarter than my ancient relic of a thing.

We have replaced our cotton napkins with disposable paper versions (3-ply, mark you). I’m afraid that needs must in these desperate times! The menus, similarly, will be for one-off use for the time being - by all means pre-order before you arrive if you like.

Your waiting staff will be masked up for their safety and yours, and we will all be engaged in a constant ritual of wiping down door handles and salt & pepper cellars, etc.

That’s it. We hope very much that these will be temporary measures and the situation will soon revert back to where we left off, leaving 2020 behind like some strange fever dream we all shared but aren’t really sure was real.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you back with open arms - figuratively speaking, of course.